River (Chico Redemption)

from by Diskarte Namin

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From October-December 2015, all proceeds from downloading the River Song go toward NAFCON’s Adopt A Community Program which uplifts communities throughout the Philippines by providing much needed resources and empowering the Filipino peoples ability to survive and grow in the face of environmental and social challenges.
For more information about NAFCON's Adopt A Community Program go to: nafconusa.org/adopt/

The now infamous River song has become an anthem for the movement for Philippine national democracy. Written in 2002, the song is a tribute to the victorious struggle of Macli'ing Dulag and the Cordillera people against the Marcos and World Bank-driven project to dam the great Chico river. This struggle not only left the lifeline of hundreds of communities intact, it also gave birth to a regional movement for the defense of ancestral land and for genuine regional autonomy for the Cordillera people. cpcabrisbane.org/Kasama/1996/V10n2/Innabuyog.htm

The River song, like the struggle that inspired it, was created and driven by pure and revolutionary love - love for kasamas who spend their lives building a better world for their communities, and love for the movements that change the course of history - improving conditions for oppressed communities around the world, slowly but surely "just like water carves through stone".


River (Chico Redemption) [2002]

Do you know how freedom sounds?
I said do you know how freedom sounds?
It sounds like spirits in the native trees
It sounds like thunder from the ground

Did you know that freedom looks like a river
flowing free and strong like how we found each other
And yes together we will work, try hard to make life better
the way that water carves through stone
But we can't do this alone...

There's a struggle in those hills
You can feel its power still
The women take down private property
In a peaceful act of the people's will

Sha la la la la la la la.......
Can’t you see its boundless force?
So strong it won't be moved from course
It's the sweetest form of gravity
The need for all things to be free


SO we will come together
and we will build together
and we will fight together
to be free...
to be free.

Free like a river when it flows
Free like the winds when it blows (you know)
To get away far away just away from it all
Until the day, free to say no more pistols are drawn
and wash away all the pain that my people have felt
To lend a hand to those who suffered and they struggle for help
Cuz everyday's a new beginning so there's time for a change
and while tomorrow stays a mystery our struggle remains
Whatever life brings, know together we will make it
Everybody needs somebody life is what we make of it
and together we will rise we can't do this alone
For all my people over here, my people back home
Whether here or overseas in the belly of the beast
Can't wait for the day the mother land, my people be free
We gotta organize and mobilize so we can make you see
We come we will build we will fight to be free

We can't do this alone
No we can't do this alone
We can't do this alone
No we can't do this alone

So we will come together
and we will build together
Cause we are strong together
So we will fight together
I said we are strong together
So we will fight together
Till we win this revolution

Till we win this revolution
Till we win this revolution
Till we win this revolution


from kultural guerrillas, released December 10, 2012
River (Chico Redemption) DiskarteNamin Creative Commons Copyright 2002
Lyrics and Melody: Jen Soriano
Music: Paul Bolick-Mausisa
Rap: Raymond Saico Castillo




Diskarte Namin San Francisco, California

In 1999, DiskarteNamin arose from the underground of San Francisco’s political organizing and music scenes. Bred on resistance music from all over the world, we mix rock guitar with Latin and hip hop beats, reggae and funk basslines, folk blues and soul vocals, and indigenous influences from the Philippines. The result is a unique “Diskarte” sound that defies traditional music categories. ... more

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