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Inspired and dedicated to the eventual victory of the Palestinian struggle for human rights, land rights and self-determination.


It was early in the morning
Fresh pot of coffee boilin
Out on my front porch
What do I see?
Front page news claim’n victory


Stand up tall as I face the horizon
Bare witness to a new sun risin
March’n in the street in sweet harmony
Fist in the air claim’n victory

Everything will soon be ok
I can’t believe the war is over
The people are free and ready to come over
Sing’n and dancing ready to take over

Stand up tall cause we know we belong
Pull up the weak till everyone’s strong
Ready to build as we face the horizon
Bare witness to a new sun risin

Firebomb whirlwind rough rugged and tuff
Rise up now people cause we had enough
Blood sweat an tears for too many years
Not another a day a slave or livin ‘n fear
So we light em up so we can burn it down
Then we pull the plug, Shut em down, shut em down



from kultural guerrillas, released December 10, 2012
Lyrics and Music: Paul Bolick-Mausisa
Featured MC: Raymond Saico Castillo of the Kasamas




Diskarte Namin San Francisco, California

In 1999, DiskarteNamin arose from the underground of San Francisco’s political organizing and music scenes. Bred on resistance music from all over the world, we mix rock guitar with Latin and hip hop beats, reggae and funk basslines, folk blues and soul vocals, and indigenous influences from the Philippines. The result is a unique “Diskarte” sound that defies traditional music categories. ... more

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